2015 Sees the launch of two designs for the Autumn collection. Very different but linked by a common theme: STRIPES.




This collection is characterized by it's earthy and subdued colors.  As the name suggests, the stripes are subtle and the shades of color more blurred.  I wanted to experiment with dark and light so with some hats I started with the lightest shade, close to the face, and worked up to the darkest shade at the crown of the hat.  Then there is the opposite way with the darkest shade being close to the face and the lightest shade at the crown.  It was interesting to see that even using the exact same shades in both hats the effect when worn are very different.

This collection is very "moody" using muted colors.  The colors available are shades of grey, green and brown.

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N and L watch a lot of Disney movies and when I wore this hat it reminded me of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland... you know that crazy stripey cat with the big grin?... well maybe you don't, so here he is... 

This collection is about color. Traffic light brights - red, yellow and green each combined with an earthy neutral tone to keep things not as crazy as Mr Cheshire Cat!

Bold and defined stripes which vary in their width so that when the hat slouches down you see that kaleidoscopic contrast of wide and thin stripes that circle round and round just like the Cheshire Cat that unravels himself after his chat with Alice... (Note to self: stop watching kids' cartoons...)

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